This heart-breaking story is titled "Running Wild". Its outstanding author is called Michael Morpurgo. The story talks about a boy called Will. Will just lost his dad in the ferocious war of Iraq. Due to his death,he and his mum want to put things behind them,so they go on holiday to Indonesia. In Indonesia,Will rides on an elephant called Oona. But specifically that
day,Oona is acting strange. She stops all of a sudden....It's a tsunami!
The elephant stampedes rapidly into the forest,far way from the shore.How will Will survive with an elephant?Is it actually possible?
I would be delighted to continue telling you about this story but in that case,there will not be a point in reading it! To be honest,at first,I thought this book was going to be a normal story.But you know what they say,don't judge a book by its cover. Even though it is a 348 page book,it is the most wonderful book I have ever read.The way the author describes the tragedy, you imagine it bit by bit,as
if you were the character in the book!

I would definitely rate this book a 10 out of 10. I would recommend it to people who like war books and adventure books as it
is very adventurous. If you read this book,I hope you enjoy it a lot as it is fantastic!

This book review was written by:
Leyla Hannah Tomasiak 1ESO-A

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