This lm is tittled “Agora", and it was directed by Alejandro Aménabar. It was also written by Alejandro Aménabar and by Mateo Gil. Agora was released in Spain, in 2009. I will classify this lm as a historical drama.

Rachel Weisz plays the role of Hypatia, Max Minghella acts as Davo, Oscar Isaac plays as Orestes, Michael Lonsdale as Theon and Ashraf Barhom as Ammonius.

 In my opinion,  the main characters were Hypatia, Davo, Orestes, Ammonius and Theon. Hypatia, who was a brilliant philosopher, lived in Alejandría, and had  a huge inuence in the government.

 Hypatia, was Theon's daughter, who was a teacher in the Museum of Alejandría. Hypatia never wanted to get married  in order not to lose her freedom. She devoted herself to teaching and all her students belonged to different religions. She had an enormous inuence in the government, and the Christians killed her for political reasons with the excuse of the Christianism religion. She was born in 370 BC and died in 415 BC.       

This story develops in Alejandría. The soundtrack was very little, but it was very good and appropriate. The lm is set in a very old century, so the costumes had to be appropriate for the age.They are very nice.

 I will rate the lm a 9 out of 10 because for me it was really good.


                       MARÍA MARTÍNEZ NIETO   1º E.S.O. A

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