It had been pouring down for 25 minutes and Paul was fishing in his boat in the ravenous sea when all of a sudden, he saw an angel. Was it a man with false wings or was Paul imagining all of this?He felt shocked of what he had just seen. Then,he fell out of the boat and into the sea he went.

After a lot of swimming, Paul finally got back to his village. When he got home,he straight away told his wife about that mysterious creature."Are you out of your mind,honey?", said his wife."I swear to you that I saw an angel", replied Paul.The wife,confused and not knowing what to do, told the village to see what they were going to do.

People recommended to keep this "angel" in Paul's garage.So that's what they did. 

The next morning, Paul visited a priest to see and to ask who this angel was. The priest as well,  said that Paul was out of his mind. "It was just a boy who was probably dressed up for some birthday party",  said the priest. Paul didn't care what the priest said and went to the beach to look for the "angel".

The angel couldn't speak and Paul was confused.The angel was dressed in white and its head was surrounded by a halo. He  was mysterious looking. Paul grabbed the angel's hand and took it back to his village so it could stay in his garage. That night, Paul had a great idea."Why don't we show the village this angel and make some money out of it?". The wide didn't have a good feeling about this "great idea",so she said to Paul to keep out of this.

The front garden of Paul's house was packed with people lining up to see this mysterious angel.The angel was exposed to this crowded public.  The angel,not knowing how to speak,tried to escape. Paul was charging £10 per visit.

The angel was shaking the cage to set free, but it couldn't. Then,a child came close to the cage of the angel. "Do you want to be set free?",asked the child. The angel nodded its head. The child,feeling sorry for this creature, unlocked the padlock and set the angel free.

Rays of sunlight shone on the countryside.Then,it stopped raining.

This story was written by:
Leyla Hannah Tomasiak 1ESO-A

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